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1920's Nightingale Bullphone

This rare collectable antique is a Nightingale 1920's Bullphone and would be great connected to a TRF set or on display for a collector, it is in very good condition for it's age. The speaker horn is a light pressed metal sheeting that screws into a rubber threaded sleeve that is inserted into the cast metal gooseneck. The driver is a snug fit into the bottom of the gooseneck. The base plate, by the look of it has lost it's brass plating over the years, but can be replated. The speaker horn driver is working and the coils test 3.75k ohm.

1920s Speaker Horn
1920s Spaeker Horn
1920s Speaker Horn
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Speaker Horn 1920s Rare vintage 1920s speaker horn for Sale vintage radios for sale Antique Speaker Horn

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