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Volume I.X Perpetual Trouble Shooter's Manual 1930's

This servicemans manual covers 72 brands of American radios in the 1930's. They are all alphebetically indexed with the first 1" where the pages fold out. The book is 110mm or 4 3/8" thick and weighs about 5kg. So I thought I would share some random pages.

This Service Manual is in rather good condition for it age.

Sorry about the hand writting. The page to the left shows the model where the pages fold out and the right are single pages.

Volume I.X Perpetual Trouble Shooters Manual
Vintage Radio Service Book
Vintage Schematic Opening Page
Vintage Radio Book
Radio Service Book
Vintage Radio Schematics
Vintage Radio Schematic Listings
Vintage Radio Specifications
Vintage Radio Schematic
Vintage Radio Schematics




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