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ASTOR Model KK 1949

Astor Model KK 1949 Chassis Removed
Astor KK 1949

Customer Repair

Under Chassis Astor Model KK
Astor  KK  1949
Mercury Switch
Astor KK under Grammophone
Astor KK 1949 front panel

This 1949 Astor model KK was brought to me in a non working state. After doing the general service and making the radio safe I thought I would try my luck at the first Gramophone repair. After a clean up I tested the motor that operates the turntable and then applied power with no luck, so I stripped the motor down and cleaned / lubricated all the moving components and also found that one of the wires to the motor was broken away. Eventually I got it all back together and applied power and it still didn't work, so then I removed the turntable and cleaned / lubricated the center shaft and put it back together. After applying direct power to the motor it was working. Then after a few hours on the mechanics, when the front door panel is opened and a record inserted and the door closed it tilts the mercury switch that operates the motor on/off. This has no speed options only for "modern" 78s with the run off track in the center of the record.

I removed the volume / on off switch "with a center tap" as the on/off wasn't working correctly. After a good clean and lubrication it was like new again.I re-felted the board between the Gramo and chassis.


Astor KK 1949 Needle
Astor KK 1949 Stylus

Astor Model KK 1949

Astor KK rear view back off
Astor Model KK 1949 rear
Astor KK 1949 Front view
Astor KK 1949 Top View
Astor KK dial Illumination
Astor KK 78 Record Slot and gramo radio switch