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Atwater Kent Model 145  (1934)

Atwater Kent Under Chassis
Atwter Kent 145 1934
Atwtwer Kent 145  top view
Atwater Kent 145 old capacitor
Atwater Kent Recapped
Atwater Kent inside cabinet
Atwater Kent Cabinet, Electrodynamic speaker
Atwater Kent 145 Chassis

Atwater Kent 145 1934 MW/SW model has been brought back to life with a bit of extra work and a general service. This radio has a great depth to the sound, and sounds great. I had to change the switched volume control as the switch has been removed at some stage through the sets life. Much of the wiring I have had to repair as the insulation was dried out. A new brown cotton covered plug lead and new plug has been fitted and the chassis earthed for electrical safety. The speaker is in good condition. This classic American unit has been adapted to suit Australian power. I have left the cabinet as original as possible and gave it a good waxing. For the 84 years it has lasted well and will last another 84 if looked after.


Atwater Kent Model 145 1934 For Sale

Atwater Kent 145 Front
Atwater Kent 145 Dial
Atwater Kent 145 Dial Lights
Atwater Kent 145


Atwater Kent 145 Top
Atwater Kent 145 Side View
Atwater Kent Side View
Atwater Kent 145 Rear View