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Atwater Kent  165 (1933) Sold

Atwater Kent 165
Atwater Kent 165 Left Side
Atwter Kent 165 Right Side
Atwater Kent 165 Rear View
Atwater Kent Speaker
Atwater Kent 165 Model Badge

Atwater Kent 165 (1933) has great character and beautiful craftsmanship coming into it's 86th year. This set has been fully serviced and all the original wiring has been repaired. A new cotton covered lead and plug has been fitted and the chassis has been earthed for electrical safety. A fuse has been fitted to protect the set. A new speaker cloth has been fitted and the cabinet waxed. An equipotential bonding wire has been added between the speaker and the radio chassis. Being a classic American set it could only run on 110vac when I bought it. This set has been professionally converted to run on our Australian 240vac outlets. The cabinet is in original condition and has no cracks or damaged areas.

Atwater Kent 165 Front
Atwater Kent 165 Dial