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AWA Radiola 617TW
AWA Radiola 617TW
Front 617TW
AWA Radiola 617TW
Top View 617TW
Voltage Selector Switch 617TW
Back 617TW
Side 617TW
Rewinding Transformer 617TW
Heated Transformer 617TW
Laminations Removed 617TW
Rewound Transformer 617TW

AWA Radiola 617TW Customer Repair

This AWA Radiola 617TW was brought to me by a customer for a repair and a good check over as it has been out of action for many decades. The first thing that caught my eye was the deterioration of the (yellow) wiring for the heaters and dial lamps. Then I spotted a shinny tar like substance that had oozed from the transformer (see top left of under chassis picture - red transformer screen earth wire). After removing the transformer and renewing the heater wiring and other components I connected the set to a PSU and away she went. Then the mundane task of stripping down the transformer, cleaning it up and rewinding it back to new. This set had many primary taps for a voltage selector switch (typical Haha). I restrung the dial and the 7 band selector with phono, fitted a new tuning eye, refitted the rewound transformer, fitted a new fuse, plus 2m power lead and plug and ran the set for some hours before the customer collected it. As you can See the Radio has pride of place mounted on his wall.

Under Chassis 617TW

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