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AWA Radiola B15 1961

AWA Radiola B15 rear view
AWA Radiola B15 1961
AWA Radiola B15 1961 under chassis
AWAW Radiola B15 front chassis
Top Chassis AWA Radiloa B15
Radiola B15 Under chassis
AWA Radiola B15 inside rear cover
AWA Radiola B15 1961




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AWA Radiola Model B15 1961 was brought to me after smoke started billowing from the rear grill.

While doing the general service and making the set safe, you can see the lower center picture what caused the smoke........................ See it ? The 150ohm resistor from the H.T center tap. All I had was a 5 watt 150 ohm that did the trick. For the size of this set it has a great sound.

A new plug and lead with the chassis earthed for electrical safety should keep this set running for many more years.

Customer Repair

AWA Radiola Model B15 1961