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AWA 12" Vintage Radio Speaker For Sale

Power Output Transformer AWA12'
AWA Power Output Transformer Windings
Rewound AWA Power Output Transformer
Rewound Power Output Transformer
Power Output Transformer
Resealing Output Transformer
AWA Speaker Spider
AWA 12' Speaker cone For Sale
Speaker spider and cone
AWA Worn Speaker Label
Finished speaker after recone and rewind
Reconed AWA 12' Speaker

AWA Vintage 12" Permanent Magnet Speaker with power output transformer For Sale.

When I started this recone I found that the power output transformer was open circuit, so I was hoping just for a corroded wire close to the outer windings, NO it was about 9 layers in and a hell of a mess to unwind with the twine and wax. I persisted though until the end of layer 17 and cut the rest off. This transformer has the secondaries to the center of the core and the  primaries as the outer core. I had to reseal the transformer with the wax as to hold it in the casing. So the power output transformer has been fully rewound with new lead wires. I polished the speaker Pole and plate where the voice coil sits as the speaker pole can be removed. I fitted a new spider and cone and tested for rubbing. Unfortunately the model number has faded where there is nothing to see on the label. The Output Transformer reads about 340ohms and the voice coil with the fly leads measures 2.5ohms.

Power Output Transformer before rewind

$220inc GST

AWA 12" Vintage speaker