Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services

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Brisbane Electrical Services
Brisbane Electrical Services

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Heat Lamps
Smoke Alarm
Main Cable
Individal Safety Switch
Stove Top and Isolator Switch
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Bathroom Heat Lamps come in a variety of models sizes and shapes, from a single Bulb to a 4 lamp model.

Most heat lamps recess approximately 300mm into the ceiling, which can be a problem for some flat roofed houses.

Most of these units are a 3 in 1, Light, Exhaust Fan and Heat lamps. If your house is not fitted with one, more wires

would need to be installed, providing roof access is available. Houses that have asbestos ceilings would need to

have the ceiling replaced or asbestos removalist to make an opening for the size of the lamp.


Smoke Alarm new laws now apply in Queensland. Since 1st January 2017 this applies to homes where building

approval applications were lodged from the above date. Over the next 10 years (1st January 2027 all other homes

will be phase in with interconnected PHOTOELECTRIC smoke alarms. 240v or 10 year battery operated smoke

alarms will need to be fitted in all Bedrooms, Hallways where bedrooms are connected and on each level and also interconnected.

Mains Upgrade. Cabling from the point of attachment (where Energex aerial service attaches) to your switchboard

may need to be upgraded to a larger size cable. For example: many existing wired Queenslanders only have small

service mains as there were on a few power points and 1 light in each room, back then that was ok. As power usage

climbs, then the old mains need to be up sized for the demand. 

Safety Switches saves lives and and can be fitted fairly easily into your switchboard. Power points and lighting circuits are the most important. Saftey switches and Residual Current Devices are recommended by Energex to be tested every 3 months by pushing the "Trip" Button. If you have an RCD, when that trips, all circuits connected to it will be de-energised. Some have all power points and lighting circuits connected to the one RCD, if your fridge develops a fault and trips the safety switch your lights may go out as well and this will only happen at night. Individual safety switches on each circuit will prevent loss of power throughout the rest of your home and the fault can be found more efficiently. Switchboard circuit breakers and safety switches should be replaced every 15 years.

Stove and Oven installations can be necessary and unexpected, sometimes it's just not worth fixing, with an assessment it may only be an element. With kitchen renovations if the existing electric stove top circuit is lengthened an isolation switch on the wall with in reach of the stove top must be fitted.



Brisbane Domestic Electrical Services

Home Renovations can be exciting and challenging at the same time whether you are an owner Builder or just getting some walls moved around to a complete extension, Bowmac Electrical has had many years in this field. Attention to detail and the ability to read architects plans creates a smooth transition period before the plasterers do there job. Working with and fitting in with other trades is a must and Bowmac Electrical can deliver.

Pool Fencing must be earthed if it is in "Arms Reach" of the pool edge, not just limited to pool fencing but also any

conductive material such as lamp posts, pipework, etc. As a pool is in construction the steel rio must be earthed as well as any concrete slabs within arms reach as they need to be at the same potential. Arms Reach is 1.25m from the inner edge of the pool coping.

General Lighting comes in so many brands, styles and types of fittings, from indoor to outdoor, LED's, compact

fluorescent and halogen, then different base types from screw in, bayonet, GU10, MR16s, miniature screw, bi pins

and the list goes on. In older houses such as Queenslander and some houses built in the '70s a lot of the time they

were not wired with an earth wire on the lighting circuit, so any new light fittings that are installed must also

have a functioning earth wire installed, to earth the body of the fitting and including ceiling fans.

Power Points just like light fittings come in many types and brands and some with extra light switches as part of the

one power point. There are outdoor power points that can be installed in the garden for a pond or water feature. They

come in single and double sockets and can be useful for many applications.

Fault Finding must be left to a qualified trained electrical contractor. There are so many different electrical faults from

vermin, loose screws to water ingress. A job for a trained professional. The Picture is showing a fault from where the

screw had become loose over time and has become hot and melted the copper wire. All the circuit breakers were

replaced and tested. This home was fortunate that fire didn't developed. Have preventative maintenance booked in

every  two to three years with Bowmac Electrical.

Pool Tariff connections can save money on your power bills in the future. A power circuit is needed direct from your

meter panel to a single power point at the pool filter, a timer may need to be added in your switchboard to operate

the time that your filter will run. There are Energex charges involved that would be charged to your next electricity account. An Energex meter charge will apply. A new Energex Meter may have to be installed or a reconfiguration of an existing digital Energex meter, Upfront Meter Installation Service Charge. Encentives are also available here. Pool pump savings here.


TV / Data (Internet) / Phone is an improtant part of life these days, if your having television reception problems a new TV antenna and new coax cable may solve your problem, sometimes a new wall plate and a retermination can help. In bad reception areas a booster maybe needed. Data is everywhere these days and having appliances such as Apple TV, Televisions, Wii, Xbox just to name a few can operate to the quickest speeds having a wired data connection back to your modem, sometimes the wireless connection may just not be good enogh. If you need an extra Telephone line for ADSL, fax or a second phone number for home or in the office Bowmac Electrical can help.  

Switchboard Surge Protection is a good investment and very easily fitted to save your delicate electronics from power surges. Most surge protection devices gives 3 strikes before it would need to be changed. Power boards with surge protection are highly recommended to give even more protection at the appliance. If you are in a high lightning strike area I would highly recommend having surge protection fitted in your main switchboard.

Ceiling Fans come in many styles brands and prices some with lights and without, some have remote control receivers that are supplied while others need a separate remote control. There are many scenarios whether a fan can be fitted, some factors are: ceiling space to install wiring and timber nogging if necessary, if it is replacing a light fitting with a fan/light  providing there is timber to anchor the fan too, a remote controll could be the most cost effective way. The best time to have a fan fitted is before the sweltering summer hits.

Switchboard Upgrade can do away with old unsafe fuse boards and blown fuses when a fault arises. Safety switches would be installed on all circuits including, hot water, stove/oven and airconditioning units. If a circuit was to trip out in a new switchboard they may be able to be turned back on in a safe manner. Generally appliances like toasters, jugs, fridges, dryers, washing machines are some of the possible causes that can cause a fault that can blow a fuse. Once individual safety switches are installed it is just a matter of finding the faulty item and resetting the safety switch. The switchboard to the side replaced the old type fuse board. The fuse carriers were removed and the switchboard fitted in place where the fuse carriers where mounted.

Meter Panels in older type Queenslanders need to be fitted during a renovation or if the timber under the house where it is mounted to has deteriorated over time. Meter panels that have the lift up lid have a "chip board" backing that degrades over time and must be replaced with a "meter panel board material" and the meters refitted, most of those meter panel also have a small old fuse box that can be replaced at the same time.

Dimmer Controls can make a house a home and create great mood lighting and delivery a warm ambient feel. Most LED light can be dimmed but there are some on the market that can not be. Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) most can not be dimmed, but there are ones that can be at more expense.

LED Downlights are far more efficient than the Halogen type downlight, they can save on power up to 80% compared to a halogen globe and run much cooler. Once fitted with LED downlights they generally have a 3 year warranty. They all have plugs so if they need changing in years to come swapping out a light fitting is quick. They come in different colours from warm white around 3000K to cool white at 4000k to daylight around 5000k to suit your  taste in colour.

Garden Lights make a statement when family or friends come over. Lighting up your front or back yard would change the whole appearence with subtle glowing lights. 12 volt lighting is one of the safest and more cost effective ways to go. 240 volt garden lighting requires underground conduit at a specific depth. So before landscaping your yard, this would be the perfect time for the electrical trenches. Block walls can also look great with lighting, so as the blocks are being layed by your bricklayer, conduits can fitted inside the block work and 240v or 12v can be used.



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