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LED Screens Brisbane for Advertising is a positive way to make your business stand out from the crowd. These high coloured Led Signs are a great way to get your business noticed, with the latest state of the art electronics that can really perform well. There are many Different types of installations and one that can be tailored for your specifications. All screens have  engineered approved framing that can either be mounted on a single column, mounted to a building or have pad mounted frame, mounted to a concrete slab for just a few options.

Visually Appealing

Most Led Advertising Screens are completely cladded creating a visually enhanced appearance. Cladding can be suited to your enviroment to create a blended look. Led Screens come in a variety of sizes from 2sqm to 55sqm (picture below) and more if need be. Every screen that is installed is done with the utmost care and precision to make your business stand out.

What You can Do

You will be able to change the content as your needs change and you could also sell

screen time to neighbouring businesses. Scheduled start up and shutdown times to suit

your needs and reduce unwatched screen time late at night. All screens are designed

with remote access from anywhere in the world, from a computer, phone or device through

a WiFi network.


Power Requirements

LED Screens are designed with enviromental brightness control which allows the LED screen to automatially adapt to the changes that can occure with cloud and weather thus adjusting the brightness. The brightness of the LED screen will be reduced as night falls to avoid excessive and annoying glare to motorists.

Power requirements can vary but a solution can be designed to suit your sized screen. Larger Led Screens require 3 phase power while smaller ones only need single phase.

If the location of a screen may seem to be impossible to get power to it, if underground is out of the question, poles can be supplied and installed with little or no impact on the enviroment and an aerial service can be hung.



Slab Mounted Completely Cladded including light box on top
Single Column Mounted with Aerial Service
Power Pole and Aerial Service Line
Double Sided LED Screen

Brisbanes LED  Screens for Avertising your Business

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Full frame mounted LED Screen

Brisbane LED Screens for advertising, is the way of the future.

Led Screen with Aerial power connection



Guaranteed Work for Peace of Mind


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