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Crosley 52, 1924 TRF Set Restoration, as you can see in the photos I have cleaned the front panel and repainted the markings on the face board. I was however concerned about repainting the very fine delicate marks and not making a mess of such an old piece of radio history. As you can see on the back of the panel, the number 14673 was my starting point, first I cleaned out the numbers using a tooth pick and a very small hobby screw driver that I ground to a point. Then I used a sponge called magic eraser (found in woollies). I tried a couple of times before getting it right. I used a fine soft brush, a 14ml tin of white enammel hobby paint from an art and craft supplier and painted over the numbers. I left it for the recommended drying time (6hrs). Once dry I hit the Mrs up (not literally) for a couple of sheets of kitchen roll, folded the 2 pieces back to back then in half and half again, soaking 1 corner in turps, start to rub the paint, (it takes about 30 secs) for the paint to soften and start dissapearing and leaving the paint in the groove only (keep using a different section of the paper towel). Once you have removed the excess paint, (don't worry about smear marks of paint or a stained edge from the paint) use the magic eraser (sponge) with water to rub over the markings until all the excess is removed, and WOO HOO, DONE. Simple as that ! There is still the decision as to restore the timber housing it fits into or whether to leave it original.


WD12 Tube Valves with Brass Base

1924 CROSLEY 52 TRF SET (Tuned Radio Frequency)

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