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EKCO K18 Battery Eliminator For Sale $66inc GST

ECKO KI8 Battery Eliminator
ECKO K18 Top View
K18 Battery Eliminator underneath
k18 Charging Tappings
Ecko K18 Cover Removed
K18 Transformer side shot
Ecko K18 Diode Capacitor side
Compare diode size
K18 Under Socket panel

EKCO K18 Battery Eliminator, 1929/30 was used to replace the 2 x 45 volt batteries that ran the battery radios. You still had the batteries for the valve heaters and this unit could recharge those batteries for 2v, 4v and 6v. I tested this unit under load and the voltages were quite fair. But with this crude piece of equipment I regard it as electrically unsafe and have disconnected the mains twisted cord from the transformer inside and have fitted heat shrink over the ends and the same at the plug end. This unit could be made safe with electrical insulating materials to prevent the exposed live parts from possibily coming into contact with the metallic body.

There is paperwork available for it. You can see in the bottom right picture how far diodes have come. The transformer and inductor tested ok and I remove the 2 resistors and polished the variable clamps.

ECKO K18 under socket panel
Removed resistor and polished clamps
50 000 ohm resistor
80 000 ohm resistor

EKCO K18 Battery Eliminator