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Kriesler 11-20 Bakelite Radio

Kreisler 11-20 Above
Kreisler 11-20 Top
Kreisler 11-20 Illuminated Dial
Kreiler 11-20 Illuminated Dial Glass
Kreisler 11-20 Front
Electrodynamic Recone
Kreisler Electrodynamic Speaker
Kreisler 11-20 Electrodynamic Speaker Recone
Kreisler 11-20 Front View
Kreisler 11-20 Right Side
Kreisler 11-20 Left Side
Kreilser 11-20 Back

Kriesler 11-20 Bakelite Radio has been fully restored and is in great working condition. The necessary chassis components have been replaced and a new plug and power lead has been fiitted and the chassis earthed for electrical safety. I have in addition fitted a 1amp fuse for the protection of the set. The dial is in great condition and are the globes. A new under dial felt has been fitted. The bakelite has been polished up to bring back the shine of yesteryears.The speaker has been fully reconditioned with a new voice coil, spider and speaker cone. The alignment of the set has been checked and all stations can be received in my local area.  It does carry a couple of bruises from it's near, 70 year life.

This Set has been SOLD


PLEASE NOTE: Looking at some of the pictures, the reflection of the clouds can look like scuff marks.

Kreisler 11-20 Chassis
Kreisler 11-20 Under Chassis

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