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Leslie Speaker X-77P

Leslie Speaker Model X-77p was brought to me as a customer repair and was a little daunting at first as I have never seen or even heard about one before. After pulling the back off, there is a main power supply unit in the middle section attached to the removable panel where the woofer is, and 3 small 50 watt solid state amplifiers in the bottom section where the rotating drum is. The drum was scrapping as it was turned by hand and the drum 8 ohm speaker was missing the cone. The 15" 4 ohm woofer was missing and one of the 6" x  4" 16 ohm mids was also missing. The customer also wanted it arranged so they could plug a guitar into it. The treble horn and the drum speaker rotates to give a warble sound as this speaker was designed to be used with a Hammond organ. The Tremolo / Chorale switch would only operate the drive motors to run slow or fast with engaging or disengaging the two individual motors but would not completely stop them. I fitted two relays to operate the motors on and off that could be operated by a foot switch and the motor speed (Tremolo/Chorale) could also be controlled by a foot switch. I changed all the capacitors including the 2 x 5000uf. I lubricated the motors and had to replace one of the springs that would assist to engage / disengage the 2nd motor. I also replace the 2 drum bearings.

Leslie Speaker X-77p
Leslie Speaker X-77p with rear cover
Leslie Speaker X-77P Rear View
Leslie X-77P Horn driver and midrange
Leslie Speaker Middle section
Rotating Drum X-77P
Leslie X-77P Drum removed
Leslie X-77P Woofer
Leslie Speaker 50w Power Amps
Leslie Speaker Power Supply
Leslie Speaker Power Supply
Under Leslie power supply