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PYE Radiogram  Model R G1 - G

PYE Radiogram R G1 - G

Was brought to me as a customer repair with nothing working other than a couple of lights.

On inspection and testing of the radio chassis all was ok except for 1 push / pull power valve  (6M5) and the power output transformer was open circuit. After contacting the customer and relaying the bad news of the transformer, I was was given the go ahead to repair it. You can see in the picture of how hot it must of become, melting the coal tar over the chassis, it was a sticky mess pulling it apart. I used a heat gun to soften the tar so I was able to remove the transformer from it's casing, and the same to remove the laminations from the core. I then cleaned the laminations (with rubber gloves on) with turpentine. Then I counted off 3000 odd primary windings which had many breaks in it due to corrossion spots as seen in the picture. Then rewound the core, sprayed the laminations and reassembled. 

Then did the usual service, I had a crack at the the gramo, all the rotation and pivot points in the automatic mechanism were siezed or very tight. After cleaning and lubricating all the areas of movement it was partially working not fully automatic but it would play a record in the manual position. Gramos is not something I generally repair.

Garrad RC120/4H
PYE RG1-G Radio Dial
Pye RG1-G
PYE RG1-G Rear View
Garrad RC120/4H Mechanics
Garrad RC 120/4H
Over heated Power output transformer
PYE Power Output Transformer
Power Output Transformer Corrosion Spot
Rewound Power Output Tranny
PYE Speaker View
PYE Model Plate
PYE Under Chassis
PYE RG1-G Rear Chassis
RG1-G Top Chassis
Dial Glass Pye Rg1-g
Power Output Transformer

PYE R G1 - G Radiogram