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Solar Maintenance Brisbane
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Solar Maintenance Brisbane

Solar Maintenance Brisbane is a must as electricity prices just keep rising.

If your solar system is not well maintained you could be loosing valuable sun hours and money. If you have invested in a solar system in Brisbane you want the solar array to run at it's best performance for your installation. Water ingress is one of the most common problems that the Electrical Safety Office see in the isolation switch that is installed on solar system on the roof since onwards 1/7/2012. Water and DC currents don't mix and can create arching across the terminals which does not stop and has the potential to start a fire. Bird and Bat deposits can be harmful if it covers part of a cell, as it causes the cell to heat up and could possibly create a "hot spot" and then as you know in Brisbane, it doesn't rain very often and not enough to wash off the dirt build up. Solar panels that are installed on flat roofs without a tilt kit can get very dirty and inefficient and be costing you money.

Keep your solar investment in tip top shape,

"You look after it, it will look after you". 

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Brisbane Solar System Maintenance

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