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STC Model 430 gluing gasket
STC Model 430 repaired speaker
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STC Model 430 dial view
STC Model 430 front view
STC Model 430 dial
STC Model 430 rear view
STC Model 430 side view
STC Model 430 under chassis
Speaker repair

STC Model 430   1946

STC Model 430 1946, there was also the same model in 1942 that was Model 430A not sure how similar both models were in appearance but they do share the same valves, starting with a 6A8G, 6G8G, 6V6G and a 5Y3G. This set is only an AM receiver. I have reconditioned this set, by changing necessary components under the chassis. A new flat back plug and 2m Brown cotton braided power lead has been fitted and the chassis earthed for electrical safety. I have also fitted a 1amp fast blow fuse to protect the set. It has a 230v 15watt dial globe that fits into a bayonet socket mounted on the chassis. When I bought this radio the speaker was rather difficult to view, after removing the chassis from it's cabinet half of the speaker cone was missing, maybe due to silverfish. The insulation on the wires feeding into the speaker coil were also deteriorated and the wires were shorting to the chassis causing the set not to work, so all there was to do, was to repair the speaker with new insulation and a new speaker cone I luckily had in stock. The Electrodynamic speaker repair page can be viewed HERE.

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