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Stromberg Carlson    Model 6A15  (1945)

Stromberg Carlson 6A15
Stromberg Carlson 6A15 Rear View
Stromberg Carlson 6A15 Under Chassis
Stromberg Carlson 6A15 Close up
Stromberg Carlson 6A15 Close Up
Stromberg Carlson 6A15 Close Up

Customer repair:

This set was brought to me and hasn't been working for 30 odd years, after testing the transformers and coils I could complete a general service. I tested all the tubes and at the time they all tested ok and the line up is 6U7G 6J8G 6U7G 6B6G 6V6GT 5Y3. There is no listing or any documented evidence of this set, however I did use a schematic of a 5A15 as a guide which was very close but missing the R.F tube. All the wiring was repaired as the insulation had become brittle. Three of the pictures below show close ups of the under chassis. The speaker was in good condition. When I first applied power it started motorboating, as I had changed all the caps I had to look elsewhere and found there was no voltage on the mixer cathode, after trying another 6J8G the set started up ok, with a check and fine tune of the I.F coils and trimmers the set was back to life.

There is no listings or any documents / schematics for this model. The Valve line up ran between 1939 to 1945. The bakelite escutcheon is missing (lost in action).

Stromberg Calson 6A15 Model Plate

Stromberg Carlson Model 6A15 1945