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AWA The FISK Radiolette Model 38A 1937

Once again a customer repair. The radio hasn't been going for sometime and was in need of a full service. This set had deteriorated insulation on the wiring into the transformer and in other parts of the chassis, that can bee seen in the pics. After contacting the customer, approval was given for the extra cost to the repairs. I removed the transformer and repaired the wiring and put further insulation inside the covers of the transformer. The cotton braided cables were ok, it was mainly the sleeved wiring connections. Then I did the general service, a new dial string was fitted and so was a new perspex dial cover. I polished the chrome escutcheon with autosol as it was very dull and pitted. During the repairs I was asked to replace the speaker cloth. I gave the bakelite case a good clean and also wrote the model number and date of service where the chassis covers it, as there is no model number on the set. Valve line up is 6A7, 6D6, 6B7, 42, 80. One thing to point out here from the pic of the rear chassis the "ARTS&P" if you notice the "D" that means it's a 1937 model. Back to the set. When I first ran the set it would fade then come back to life then wait a bit then fade again, then STOPPED. The 1st tube 6A7 gave it up so another tube and away she went again and has been going ok since. I did a small repair on the speaker as there was a small hole. The outer edge of the speaker needed to be glued  as it wasn't attached to the speaker basket. I very carefully removed the dial glass, it's 2 pieces, top out first then the black divider then the bottom also being careful of the dial globe housings. This set had the tone control disconnected and it was set up as a sensitivity control as the switch on the rear chassis was disconnected. I lubricated all the controls, cleaned the control knobs and closed it up.

Radiolette Under Chassis 38A
Under Chassis Radiolette 38A
AWA Radiolette 38A
AWA The Fisk 38A 1937
AWA 38A Dial
38A before cleaning
The FISK 38A Rear View
AWA The FISK Radiolette 38A 1937
Radiolette 38A Front Chassis

AWA The Fisk Radiolette 38A 1937