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ULTIMATE N.Z Model 829          8 Valve Superhet 1933

Ultimate Model 829 1933 Front Chassis
Ultimate Vintage Radio model 829 Top View
Right side Ultimate Vintage Radio Model 829
Left side Ultimate Model 829 1933
Under Chassis Vinatge Radio Ultimte Model 829
1/2 section of chassis Ultimate Model 829 1933
1933 Electrodynamic speaker
Field coil speaker pole Electrodynamic Speaker
Ultimate model 829 1933
Power output transformer Ultimate Model 829 1933 corrosion
Power output transformer Vintage Radio 1933
Cleaned power output laminations 1933 model 829
Transformer Laminations 1933
Electrical Insulation spray

Ultimate, New Zealand Model 829 (1933).

This Vintage radio is in very good condition for the 85 years it has been around. The owners have looked after this set very well.

This Radio is very rare as there is nothing online about this model, there was however 1 picture I found in an archive of New Zealand vintage radios

that illustrates the model and the year as there is no markings or any indication on the set.

I have done a general service on this set and have gave it a good clean.

When I first powered it up gently I found there was voltage between the electrodynamic speaker and the radio chassis as the bonding wire was not connected. As you can see in the pictures below I pulled the speaker apart to see if any of the windings were touching the speaker frame. Nothing was obvious so I insulated with tape around the field coil and the series connected humbucking coil to the voice coil. So after reassembling the speaker and cleaning the speaker pole I tested it to the chassis again and the was still voltage. I then removed the power output transformer from the speaker and tested again and found it to be the output transformer.

So there's the problem, I unwound all the windings and there's a damn lot of them. The Secondaries are .45mm and Primaries .12mm with thousands of windings. While unwinding the O.P Transformer there was many spots of corrosion and the paper isolating the primaries and secondries was near non existant causing the the voltage to enter the secondaries as the insulation was also badly degraded.


This Vintage radio is now  SOLD

Ultimate Vintage Radio Model 829
Vintage Radio Side
Vintage Radio Sensitivity Control
Ultimate Model 829
Ultimate Superhet 1933
Ultimate 429 Dial
Ultimate Vintage Radio Rear View
Vintage Radio Ultimate Valve Layout