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University TST Supertester

University Valve Tester
University Tube Tester
University Valve Tester Front
University Tube Tester Charts and User Manual
University Valve Tester Reconditioned
TST Valve Tester
University TST Tube Tester case
University TST Tube Tester Repair

University TST Supertester 1942. Valve and circuit tester has a variety of test functions from an output meter, AC/DC voltage, MA current tester, continuity and resistance, vacuum valve tester,capacitor tester along with electrolytic leakage and impedance testing. The roll chart had been removed and pasted into an exercise book before I bought it. I have brought all the values of resistances back to the original values and replaced all capacitors. I have fitted a new plug and lead with a new plastic octal socket for the power connection to the unit. It has a 6v adaption that has been left original in the tester. This tester comes with the user manual, schematic and all charts for valves and the capacitor settings. Comes with leads and ready to work.


This Valve tester is Sold

Tube Tester Before repair