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Vintage Radio Repairs
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Airzone Model 567 Chassis 527

AWA Model 573

AWA Radiola 617TW

Cicena Overdrive Model 261 (1991)

Crosley 52 (1924)

Mullard Portable Battery set

Music Masters A535 (1948)

STC B150 (1947)

 Stromberg Carlson 564







Grundig 4090

STC Model 430


Kriesler 11-20

Kriesler 11-20


Philip 2262

Peal A411c




Kent 145


829 1933

Will be for sale

AWA Radiola


Pilot U475 Chassis Bowmac Electrical
Pilot U475

Vintage  Radio  Repairs  Brisbane

         Vintage Valve Radio Repairs Brisbane.

Bowmac Electrical offers a vintage radio repair service on sets from the 1930s to the 1960s. Many sets that have been stored resonably well can be brought back to life and sound as good if not better from when they were first bought due to stronger reception these days. If your grandparent's radio has been sitting there lifeless for years and you would like to revitalise it and experience the sound of the classic valve technology, complete the email form, call or text for a quick quote. 


Never Plug in a Vintage Radio

Never Plug in a vintage Radio, that hasn't been working for a long time, as a risk of an electrical shock may be present or it could do further damage to the electrical components of the set. There could also be a possible fire hazard. Over time the components can tend to dry out and there electrical characteristics change. Bowmac Electrical can bring most valve radios back to life and give you many more years of radio pleasure.

     Tube Valve Testing

Tube Valve Testing for vacuum tubes from the 1920's to the 1960's. If you need a tube valve tested call, email or text me the number on the valve, so I can refer to my log book for correct test specifications. There have been a few valves that I had no listings on.

 PLEASE NOTE: Care must be taken when cleaning a tube as the number can be wiped off, If you are finding difficuilty in reading the number try a torch on different angles.

Tubes for Sale

1930s American Vintage Radio Schematics

Volume I.X Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual

(1930's) ...For Sale...

I-177b Signal Corp Military Tube Tester Schematic

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1953 Vintage radio Serviceman's schematic Manual

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Bowmac Electrical

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Need Your Valve Radio Transformer rewound ?

You can help too by removing ,cleaning and spraying the laminations, while leaving the core with me, I can rewind the necessary winding or start from scratch and rewind the complete unit. Starting from $180inc GST


Old Vintage dual and tripple wax paper capacitors



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