STC Model 430 Vintage Radio
Vintage Radio Ultimate Model 829 (1933)
University TST Valve Tester
1920s Speaker Horn for sale
Radiola 429MA 1950
Atwater Kent 145
Atwater Kent 165 1933
EKCO K18 Battery Eliminator
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Vintage Radios For Sale Brisbane
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Vintage Radios For Sale

STC MODEL 430 For Sale

STC Model 430 1946

Ultimate 829 1933 For Sale

Ultimate Model 829


Tube Tester For Sale

University TST

  Tube Tester

Speaker Horn For Sale

 Radiola 1924

Speaker Horn

Atwater Kent 145 1933

Other vintage equipment that will be coming up in the future will be a:

Pacific model 33 (1936) N.Z

Crammond Portable Battery Set

will be sold with a PSU


Original paperwork from the Crammond Portable Radio

There is other paperwork that goes with the Crammond

1930 American Radio Schematics

1930s American

  Vintage Radio


Vintage Radios For Sale Brisbane Australia

AWA Radiola Model

      429MA 1950





$285inc GST

$350inc GST

 Atwater Kent

   Model 165 (1933) $430inc GST

      Converted for Australian power

1929/30 EKCO K18

Battery Eliminator

Electrical Contractors Licence No 71364     

ABN 91771621084

2017    BOWMAC  Electrical


Electrical Services


Bowmac Electrical

0409 358 366

Transmitting Tube

Display For Sale